Multi-purpose ergonomic carry strap for skate, surf & snow boards

Designed for active people that want to safely carry their board to and from the beach, ski slopes or park without blowing out their back. The Boardcarry is a uniquely designed carry strap for surfboards, Mals, snowboards, SUPs or Longboard skateboards.

Do more of what you love,
and take the hassle out of getting there

Discover the most comfortable and effective board carrying device with the Boardcarry

The BoardCarry was created out of frustration.

Frustration with the hassles of getting our boards to the beach, the snow, or anywhere else we wanted to go. Our founders, Stu, a keen surfer, and Rob, an avid snowboarder, agreed on one thing. There had to be an easier way to carry boards then what was currently available.

So, one long night, after a few (or many) beers, lots of good chat, and much experimentation with surfboards, rope and drawings, the idea of the BoardCarry was born.

We’ve since refined our design and made it even stronger, sturdier and more comfortable based on feedback from many users like you. It can now carry Surfboards, Snowboards, Stand-Up Paddleboards, Wakeboards, Kiteboards, Skatedecks, etc, and can carry up to 3 boards at once.

We believe it’s the best board carrying device on the market. We’re sure once you get your hands on one, you’ll fully agree. We hope our frustration and pain brings you years of easy cruising with your boards, and more time spent hanging out with friends doing more of what you love.
Free shipping Australia wide
The BoardyCarry will help you get the surf, snow or street with ease, taking the pain out of getting back into action, and saving your back and shoulders the pain of carrying the full weight of your boards.
The BoardCarry’s simple, patented design allows for easy transport of your boards to either surf, snow, or street, taking the hassle out of getting to where you want to go, and making carrying your board simple.
The BoardCarry is lightweight, convenient to carry, and is designed to carry up to 3 boards at once with ease. Versatile enough to help you carry your boards whilst riding, skating or walking, it also rolls up to a small, convenient bundle that’s easy to pack and carry wherever you go.
At just $55, including free shipping within Oz, the BoardCarry is affordable for everyone, and less than you probably pay for coffee each fortnight. You’ll think it a small price for the added comfort and convenience you gain. Your back and shoulders will thank you too.

6 Things that set the BoardCarry apart

The BoardCarry | Board Carry Strap
This bad boy is built tough
You want tough? The boardcarry is strong enough to carry your board through forest to get to that special break without hassle.
In thongs no less!
We do recommend double-pluggers for added safety
(It’s also just as tough in the snow and hitting the streets…)
It's convenient
The BoardCarry is designed to make your life easier
Get to where you want to be without the hassles
You can even look good doing it
Let Our Frustration and Pain = Your Gain
It has more uses than a swiss army knife
Use it for your collection of boards.
Surfboards, SUP’s, Longboards, Skate and Snow
All are conquered with the BoardCarry

(P.S. – We don’t really recommend you use it for cutting…)
Is more portable than a hoverboard
The BoardCarry is portability personified
Walk, Run, Skate, Ride or Snowmobile where you want
You’ll be able to do so and carry your boards easily at the same time

When we get real hoverboards, we might take back this claim…
Kids surfboard carry strap
Using it is as easy as pie
We don’t really use pie much, so never understood the saying.
Thankfully, the BoardCarry is as easy to use as it is convenient
Simple enough for the kids to take their own boards on adventure

A win for mum and dad’s everywhere
Mmmmmmmmm, pie…
You'll remember you have two hands
Use the BoardCarry once & you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life
You’ll marvel at your newfound super-powers
and jump tall buildings in a single bound
Carry your boards and have both hands free, who’d have thunk it???
BoardCarry Features

The easy to use board carrying strap
that can be used on any board, big or small

We’ve designed and built the BoardCarry after rigourous testing and feedback from many satisfied users. We know you’ll appreciate the simplicity of design and use, and the convenience it brings to your life.
The BoardCarry makes carrying your board as easy as carrying a bag.
When not in use, the BoardCarry rolls up into an easily portable strap that is easy to pop into a backpack, bag, or stashed away conveniently.
The BoardCarry’s design means you’re guaranteed to put less burden & weight on your back and shoulders when carrying your boards.
Only high quality PU shoulder pads & quality attachments are used on the BoardCarry to make it sturdy, comfortable & long wearing.
Nylon webbing constructed to the same standards as luxury luggage manufacturers ensure BoardCarry keeps your boards secure when in use.
The BoardCarry is designed to carry all your surf, snow or street boards. The simple snow/urban attachment attachment kit makes the BoardCarry the most versatile carrier on the market.


How will you use yours?

No More Lugging Boards
Hassle Free Carrying
Riding to the beach
Easy carrying for the Family
Carry Stand-ups with Ease
Get up the Slopes with Ease

BoardCarry Testimonials


Zane M.
Sponsored Surfer​
"Smart an Simple!"
Alison S.
SUP User​
“BoardCarry is easy to fit, lightweight and versatile. I have 3 SUP’s – 8,10 & 12.5 foot – and BoardCarry adjusts to fit all three. You can either carry it on one shoulder or across your body, and you can even attach your paddle. It takes the heavy lifting out of carrying your board and also rolls up small when you’re out on the water.”
Paul S.
Avid Snowboarder​
“I use BoardCarry every time I get to the snow. It takes the hassle out of getting back up the slopes and I’m finally able to carry hands-free!”

Simple, Affordable Pricing

The BoardCarry
Ultimate Edition
Surf, Snow, Street, ???
Free Shipping Australia Wide
1 x Complete BoardCarry Kit:

1 x BoardCarry
2 x Alpine/Urban Attachments
3 x Surf Sizing Loops

Go anywhere, board anything

Get going with snow, street,
wake & kite setups

Suitable for all Surfboards, Mals, Longboards, Stand Up Paddleboards, Snowboards, Skatedecks (All Sizes), Wakeboards, KiteboardS

Get confidence knowing you’re a board carrying ninja
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The simplest, easiest and most convenient board carrier on the market. The BoardCarry is ideal for surfboards, snowboards, skate decks, stand-up paddleboards, wakeboards, kiteboards and more. Get your hands on one today and take the hassle out of carrying your boards.