SUP Board Carry Strap - The Board Carry

Unlike other SUP carry straps, the BoardCarry won't cut into your shoulder or throw your balance. It will give you the ability to safely carry multiple board while walking. You can go from your door all the way to the to the top of the slopes and easily carry the light strapping while having a ski and then easily use it when you need.This great piece of kit will make your life as easy as sliced bread, toasters and microwaves (only if you eat bread, toast and microwave things though…).

Made of sturdy 38mm Nylon webbing, the BoardCarry is tougher than a charcoaled steak. We use the same webbing that many luxury luggage manufacturers use to comply with the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) regulations in America to secure their bags. The additional loops, triangles and d-shackles we’ve all strategically placed to take the burden off your back and shoulders when carrying your boards. Unlike other board carrying devices, you won’t feel the full weight of your board as you trudge up the fresh powder or down the sand to your safe haven. The clever design disperses the weight of your board/s and spreads it across your shoulder and puts the weight back on the carry.

The BoardCarry is designed for all your surf, street and snow needs.

It will easily accomodate:

Longboards (the water kind, and the landlubber kind );
Wakeboards; &

Do yourself a favour, get one today.


The simplest, easiest and most convenient board carrier on the market. The BoardCarry is ideal for surfboards, snowboards, skate decks, stand-up paddleboards, wakeboards, kiteboards and more. Get your hands on one today and take the hassle out of carrying your boards.